Everquest Adventure Bags


What a shame. This could’ve been a fun eco-product line, but unfortunately it lacks any real green credentials—not that Everquest are claiming any. But it would’ve been great to see more complete products made using this concept. But, as usual, I’m getting ahead of myself. What concept? Well, Everquest take materials from events of human endeavour and reuse them in luggage. Like parachute fabric from the Russian Soyuz space missions, or tent material and rope lengths from Camp Two on Everest, and even Spinnaker cloth from the America's Cup challenge in Australia in 1987. While it's cool to see such materials salvaged instead of in the landfill, in this instance they are mostly just decorative overlays, instead of displacing new resources. We’d prefer to see them used in the mode employed by Freitag or Relan. If writing a school report we might say “Johnny has great potential but needs to apply himself more." But at least the bags are made in Canada, so hopefully that means fair wages and working conditions. ::Everquest