Envisioning Eco Retrofits: Garbage Truck Campers & Electric Motorbikes

Bring me your poor-performing designs, your tired energy systems and your huddled treehuggers -- it's official (almost), Green is the new Red, White and Blue. It was only in October '06 that the majestic Ms. Liberty went wind-powered, and now, courtesy July's New Yorker magazine cover, she promises a better life to all who migrate to the land of the green. However, just beneath her watchful nostrils, by barge and by rail, our city's trash still migrates to landfills in states far-flung such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia -- that's 90% of the 12 tons of daily refuse. One year ago in July '06, the NYC City Council passed a new solid waste management plan that although reinstating and expanding recycling of certain materials (as well as eliminating the use of long-haul tractor-trailer trucks accounting for 250,000 or so trips made on the region's highways), did little to address the root generation of non-compostable waste. While the Mayor of San Francisco (a city which has already banned the plastic bag) got with the program again last week outlawing single-serving water bottles, the five key dimensions of eco-renaissance-Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s PlaNYC include no component to comprehensively re-envision the design of the greenist-city-to-be’s solid waste stream. Kudos to the same Mayor who is responsible for eliminating second-hand-smoke in bars for working toward carbon-reduced skies, but we’re counting the days until the Supreme Court’s ruling premised upon the Interstate Commerce Clause, no longer provides an excuse to provide our neighboring states with second-hand trash. As for that green day when solid waste garbage trucks are few and far between, we’ll just have to use our imaginations along with some fun video after the jump.Once Cradle to Cradle design kicks into high gear with materials going through zero to low-loss life cycles, indeed, what shall become of all those garbage trucks that are no longer needed to haul stuff to the landfill? Well certainly some trucks will already have been converted to compost caravans returning food-watse nutrients to the soil. Here’s another idea, convert them to campers:


And of course they'll need to be retrofitted for renewable power. Why not experiment by converting that old motorcycle to electric. Watch the video and see how!

More Gomi makeover here. And another electric motorcycle retrofit here. Via ::Core77