Police Confiscate Generators, Occupy Wall Street Switches to Bike Power (Video)

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Photo via Wikimedia and David Shankbone.

Last Friday, fire fighters confiscated six gas generators and biodiesel that helped protestors at Zuccotti Park in New York City power a great variety of functions - there's a press outlet, full service kitchen, improvisational drum group, library, medic station, as well as sanitation working committee on site. While painful, loss of the generators can be remedied with bike-driven models, say environmental action group Time's Up! - it is trying to green the Occupy Wall Street movement. Working together with the OWS Sustainable Working Group, Time's Up is hoping to raise $ 8,000 to shift from the platoon of gas generators previously running appliances - phones, computers, food centers - to a dozen or more energy generating pedal bikes.

At least one bike is already running on site and Time's Up reports it has received donations ($2,335) at Crowdrise to build more custom bikes that when pedaled, transfer energy to generators to replace current gas generators. In addition to having people on site ride the bikes (to keep warm and generate power) curious tourists coming down to see the movement could be employed to generate energy, kind of like Copenhagen did during COP-15 with Christmas tree lights in the Hopenhagen plaza.

The gas (and biodiesel) generators, confiscated because they are said to pose a safety and health threat at the site (carbon monoxide poisoning from lack of ventilation is one real problem), are also to keep protestors warm as chilly winter temperatures first snowfall hit the city in the last few days. An estimated one fifth of the protestors were reported as leaving Zuccotti Park when the weather and unseasonably early snow moved in.

Occupy Wall Street spokesperson Ed Needham told Reuters earlier this week solar powered generators are also being brought in to replace confiscated ones.

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Police Confiscate Generators, Occupy Wall Street Switches to Bike Power (Video)
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