Contest Time! The Crisis of Civilization Remix Challenge

Crisis of Civilization remix imageCrisis of Civilization/Screen capture

Ever since I posted the trailer for the Crisis of Civilization, there's been considerable interest in this cinematic exploration of the converging crises of peak oil, climate change, food shortages, terrorism and economic collapse. Our live chat with narrator Nafeez Ahmed only served to deepen that interest. Now folks who are interested in the movie can get directly involved—as the Crisis of Civilization is launching a film remix challenge:

If you’ve seen it, you’ll probably have guessed that here at The Crisis of Civilization we love Remix films – and we want you to have a go too. We would like to invite you to create your own Crisis of Civilization-style sequences, using unused interview audio of Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed with images put over the top and music laid underneath.

The most popular entry will be voted on via Twitter and Facebook, and the winner will receive a free DVD. But more importantly, say the film makers, "everyone will think that you’re cool." Head over to the Crisis of Civilization to join in the fun.

Contest Time! The Crisis of Civilization Remix Challenge
The Crisis of Civilization explores our modern cultural crises by sampling archive film footage from PSAs. Now the makers are asking budding film makers to have a go themselves.

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