How a "Turkey Asteroid" Represents the Consolidation of Food in the U.S. (Infographic)

food industry consolidation photoFrugal Dad/Screen capture

Consolidation of the food industry is not exactly a breaking new trend, but it is an important one with significant (negative) implications for public health, the power of the individual consumer, and the safety of the nation's food supply. Sara wrote last year that four companies process 80 percent of beef in the U.S., for example, and Grist reported years before that Dean Foods "processes 35 percent of the fluid milk in the U.S. and Canada -- roughly equal to the combined market share of its three biggest rivals combined."

To present a fuller picture of the entire food industry, Frugal Dad put this infographic together:

Conglomerate American Food Infographic

Source: Frugal dad

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How a "Turkey Asteroid" Represents the Consolidation of Food in the U.S. (Infographic)
Consolidation of the food industry has significant (negative) implications for public health. This infographic illustrates just how consolidated the industry has become.

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