Community, Technology, Environment and Economy: The Four Drivers of Collaborative Consumption

Collaborative Consumption imageKiln/Video screen capture

When I brought up the topic of collaborative consumption in our live chat with Annie Leonard, she laughed. "Oh, you mean sharing." she said with a wry smile.

She had a point.

The idea that sharing our stuff is somehow new is a little absurd. My nascent neighborhood tool library, for example, is little more than an informal alliance of neighbors willing to lend. And yet the concept of collaborative consumption—namely the enabling of old-fashioned sharing using wired, internet technologies—is capturing people's imaginations.

This neat little video from UK-based Kiln creates an animated backdrop for an extract from Rachel Botsman's talk to the Royal Society for Arts in London. Outlining how a renewed desire for community; the rise of internet technologies; the growing environmental crisis and the failures of our present economic system, the video lays out collaborative consumption as a logical, emerging paradigm for a different way of doing business.

I, for one, am convinced. I plan to share this widely.

Throughline with Mindful Maps presents Collaborative Consumption: An RSA/Nominet Film Competition Short Film from Kate Hammer on

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