"Communities Are More Important Than Nations": Bill McKibben

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From community-owned solar power stations through edible landscaping in parks to feed the homeless to the power of local investing, we've featured plenty of localized, community-based responses to climate change and peak oil. But how does community action stack up against regional, national or international efforts? Rob Hopkins of the Transition Movement sat down with Bill McKibben to discuss this and other matters, and here's Bill's take:

Communities are the integers of this operation. They are more important than individuals, and probably more important than states and nations. In terms of adaption, most of my intellectual work, my writing work in recent years has been about the need and the possibility to build strong local economies. One of the reasons that is so important, perhaps THE reason why that's so important, is because that's what we will need in order to adapt to that which we can no longer prevent in terms of climate change.

The problem is that communities by themselves can't get this job done.

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