Cameron Tries to go Green Online


David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, has made environmental issues the keystone of his election campaign. Unfortunately his attempts to promote his greener side seem to constantly backfire. He started biking to work, but received negative press when it emerged that he had a car follow him to carry his documents. He attempted to install a wind turbine at his London home, but had to pull it down after it was found to contravene planning regulations. He has also made heavy use of Web 2.0 sites like YouTube to spread his green message, which also seems to have been a dismal failure.

According to HippyShopper, nobody seems interested in Cameron's regular WebCameron videos. Clips of the Tory leader explaining how he will create fairer aviation taxes are losing out to cutesy videos of animals holding hands. You can't blame them, the sample that HippyShopper have included in their post is hardly riveting. :: HippyShopper

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