But Is It Art?


Is it art or is it leftovers? This picture is made entirely of food: broccoli trees with added peas, bread mountains with a white sugar waterfall, cauliflower clouds, a vanilla pod ladder, herb foliage and a path of cumin. The artist (?) Carl Warner was inspired by healthy eating campaigns. He assembles these foodscapes from fresh fruit and vegetables and photographs them. He shoots them in separate stages to stop the food from going bad, and puts them together digitally. For those who want to try it, he visualises the scene as a regular landscape, then he works on substituting food for the components. That's the fun part. An Italian scene has pasta fields, mozzarella clouds and a lasagna cart.

To give a realistic three-dimensional feel to the photographs, each still life is composed on a table measuring 8ft by 4ft. The foreground is only about 2ft across. There is no word whether he uses organic vegetables but the broccoli forest (pictured) is his favourite. A tip: salmon makes a very good sea. :: Daily Mail

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