Bush Presidential Library May Get LEED Platinum, But Is It "Dog-Whistle" Architecture?

g w bush presidential library

Although some may assign credit for "W's" Presidential Center Platinum LEED application to the project architect, Robert A.M. Stern, who is simply a following a trend, I'm giving President George W Bush and wife Laura benefit of the doubt. Their design choice goes way beyond legacy building. It sends a 'dog whistle' political message to Republican Party Leaders and candidates, indicating they must live the enviro-life style large before throwing stones in the green house. Good strategy.

Inhabitat coverage has more renderings; so go read Plans for the Green George W. Bush Presidential Center Released if interested. Money quote follows.

...the building is aiming for LEED Platinum certification and is expected to open in 2013. The center will be very energy efficient and feature green roofs, photovoltaic panels, and extensive use of recycled materials throughout. Additionally, a large garden, designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, on the campus will be full of drought-tolerant native grasses, plants and wildflowers which will not be mowed, and water runoff will be harvested for irrigation purposes. The garden will also serve as a test bed for drought-tolerant turf grasses for Texas.
Those plants better be extremely drought tolerant. Because...you know...climate change.

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