America Needs to Move To Post-Economic Growth Society, Prioritize Community: Gus Speth

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Apropos of the need to stop talking about economic growth as unconditional good, disregarding ecological limits, Yale e360 recently ran a good piece by Gus Speth that's worth reading in full. Though he doesn't use the term explicitly he calls for essentially a steady-state economy:

The never-ending drive to grow the overall U.S. economy is ruining the environment; it fuels a ruthless international search for energy and other resources; it fails at generating the needed jobs; it hollows out communities; and it rests on a manufactured consumerism that is not meeting the deepest human needs. Americans are substituting growth and consumption for dealing with the real issues -- for doing things that would truly make us and the country better off.

It is time for America to move to post-growth society where the natural environment, working life, our communities and families, and the public sector are no longer sacrificed for the sake of mere GDP growth; where the illusory promises of ever-more growth no longer provide an excuse for neglecting to deal generously with our country's compelling social needs; and where true citizen democracy is no longer held hostage to the growth imperative.

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