ALMOST: T-Duster Reusable T-Shirts

We really want to love these cute little T-Shirts from the design team at Atomic Factory. They're really cute, and when they wear out, you just tear along the dotted lines to convert your shirt to a pile of soft cleanup rags for washing windows, the car, or whatever. It seems like recycling at its best. But there's the rub: These shirts are so easy to tear apart because of actual die-cut holes, that they can't be very durable. A shirt that wears out three times as fast as a regular one doesn't do much to reduce material usage, even if you can use the scrap. Give us some printed dashed lines and scissors -- all the cuteness AND all the longevity. Cause if you've got such a cute looking shirt, you want to wear it forever, right?
:: T-Duster T-Shirts [by DM]