ALMOST: Spacebox Modular Studio Units

Ooooh! Love these groovy Spacebox modular apartment buildings. They come pre-assembled, so all you need is a crane (and a bunch a neighbors) and you can stack ‘em three high. Equipped with a kitchen, shower, and loo. Big windows let in light and all MEP work is already good to go. The little dwellings are made of the same lightweight composites used in ship- and aircraft-building, ... so while these materials aren’t super-eco, there are some bennies, like pre-assembly, easy to ship, and very efficient heating and power sources. Of course, ideally they be made of eco-friendly materials in local factories powered by wind, but we still think they're cute. Plus, should you decide you’ve outgrown your hood, you *can* take it with you— easy to assemble and disassemble, and with little construction equipment, you can remove your studio and bring it to another place better suited to your lifestyle. Designed by those clever Dutch, of course. Via ::MocoLoco ::Spacebox [by MO]

spacebox crane.jpg