Almost: Big Belly Solar Powered Trash Can

Now hold on just a second. Solar powered is great, right? Why isn't this can the perfect example of tree-huggitude? It's not that we don't love the use of solar power here. Or that a single Big Belly trashbin can hold 6-8 times as much trash as a comparably sized trashcan, which hopefully will cut down on litter from overflowing cans. The real trouble is that it's generating compacted trash. And that brings it's own set of problems...Compacted trash is great if you're looking to fit the maximum amount of waste into collection trucks, or landfills. But the flipside of that benefit is that now your landfills get no oxygen, since they're so perfectly compacted. And without oxygen, you don't get decomposition. You get preservation. So landfills end up being giant storage heaps for trash. Which, again, is fine, if you want to keep the stuff. But wasn't getting rid of it the point of making it trash in the first place?

How's this for a suggestion: Why can't this same technology be used for paper, aluminum, and plastic recycling receptacles? Cans and bottles are especially bulky to recycle, and the resulting overflowing receptacles discourage would-be recyclers from doing the right thing. This could also help lower the cost of servicing these recycling containers, since they wouldn't have to be emptied as often. Add in a solar powered , and you could reduce the trash in parks and public places to almost nothing.

What can we say Big Belly, it's great work so far. We're diggin' the solar love, but you've got to take it a step further to get our super-duper tree-hug of approval. :: Big Belly Solar Trash Compactor [by DM]