A Waste of Creative Juices: 100% Electric Mobile Billboards

Go Green Electric Mobile Billboard Image

Image source: Go Green Mobile Advertising

Maybe we'll call this an "Almost"-Treehugger. While it is a "creative" use of electric automobiles, but we're sure that adding one more car on the road, especially just to advertise, is the best use of resources. For those stuck in traffic, this is just a waste of space.

Titled the Go Green Billboard, the mobile signs are mounted on 100% electric, no-emissions trucks, and decked out with the logo or advertisement of your company. There are several vehicles and several size banners that you can choose from, as well as you can map your own route. Lighted signs will also be available in the future to add onto your package. While yes the car/truck is 100% electric and thus non-emitting, the electricity is generated somewhere (usually from coal). Removing mountaintops just to drive around mobile advertising? Not exactly going green.:Go Green Mobile Billboard
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