95% of expert economists agree: Cutting carbon makes sense

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Citi Group isn't the only one to say that fighting climate change is cheaper than doing nothing. The excellent Climate Consensus blog over at The Guardian just reported on some interesting research based on a survey of expert climate economists.

The result?

Of those economists who had actually engaged substantively with the issue of climate change—meaning they had published on the topic in highly regarded, peer reviewed journals—a full 95 percent of them argue that the United States should follow through on its commitment to cut carbon emissions. Furthermore, 77 percent believed we should cut carbon emissions unilaterally—whether or not other countries commit to cutting theirs.

With giant corporations demanding ambitious climate action quickly, it's beginning to look like the "clean energy costs jobs" crowd are going to have a hard time making their case.

No wonder many of our politicians have started to change the subject.

Of course, the deniers may ask: "What of those economists who haven't engaged substantively on the topic of climate change?" To this, the sensible retort is, of course: "Who cares?" Expertise in one area of knowledge is no guarantee of expertise in another, even within your own discipline. So let's look to those folks who have actually studied the questions we wish to answer.

And then let's act on what we learn.

95% of expert economists agree: Cutting carbon makes sense
When economists engage with climate change, they almost inevitably come out on the side of cutting emissions.

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