Eco-Savvy Changing Tables

How environmentally friendly is your baby's diaper-changing station?. (Photo: heymattallen/Pixabay)

Before my children were born, I asked all of my cloest friends and family members to name the 5 "things" they found most valuable when their children were born and the 5 that they could do without. Oddly enough, the changing table landed on just as many "must-have" lists as it did on the "don't need" items. So it's a toss up on whether or not you should consider a changing table to be an absolute necessity for you and your baby.

The dilemma comes down to you and how and where you will want to change all of those 8,000 diapers that your baby will need before he potty trains. Some parents simply use a clean blanket or pad laid out on a floor or secure table to change diapers. Others swear by the convenience and safety of having a dedicated, clean, secure place to change diapers and store their diaper changing gear.

If you do decide to get a changing table, don’t limit yourself by looking for a product that is specifically labeled as a “changing table.” More often than not, a small, gently-used dresser will do the trick. When purchasing new, look for a changing table that can be easily converted to a dresser or desk once your child outgrows diapers. You will also want to make sure that your changing table is constructed from sustainably harvested wood and finished without the use of toxic chemicals. If you use a changing pad, look for one with a non-toxic, organic cover that will be easy to remove and clean.