"Eco-Luxurious" Domes Blend Harmoniously With Quebec Landscape

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Bourgeois / Lechasseur architects figure out how to square the circle.

The Massif de Charlevoix is a gorgeous ski area near Quebec City, a dramatic escarpment over the St. Lawrence River. It now sports some gorgeous little "four seasons eco-luxurious accommodations" – three domes built on platforms overlooking the trees and the river.

one dome on platform

© Maxime Valsan via V2com-NewswireDesigned by Bourgeois / Lechasseur architects for Dômes Charlevoix, "The three domes, the first phase of a larger tourist project, blend in harmoniously with the landscape. Each one is located on the mountainside and perfectly integrated to the landscape."

They can be accessed via a path through the trees from a common parking lot at the entrance. The dome is set on a wooden patio and houses a spa overlooking the natural setting. The south-facing windowed area offers a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River and maximizes exposure to natural light.
box in middle of dome

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Figuring out how to put people and things people need into a dome can be a real challenge; our bathrooms, kitchens and beds tend to be squarish. The architects solve this by building a building inside the dome, housing the bathroom and kitchen counter.

loft bed on top of cube

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A ship's ladder provides access to another bed on top.

duvet on walls in dome

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It gets very cold in Charlevoix, and this dome is made of metal pipes with what looks like plexiglas glazing. However, it is lined with what look like grey duvets, snapped onto the structure of the dome. They make it seem very soft and comfortable.

Stuv wood burning stove in dome

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I hope that those duvets are non-flammable, being so close to that Stuv wood burning stove. There is also a radiator on the wall and that's not enough:

The radiant concrete floor adds a touch of comfort and helps maintain a more uniform temperature inside the domes. The grey canvas and the fireplace create a warm and cozy atmosphere.
kitchen inside dome

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Not exactly Passivhaus standard of insulation – and I am not sure about the "eco" in "eco-luxurious"– but a great example of how one can square the circle and turn a dome into comfortable, useable space.

looking down on dome

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