Eco Friendly Yarn

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The resurgence in knitting has created great demand for eco friendly yarns for those knitters who who want to reduce their eco footprint. Green options says: synthetic yarns are also bad for the earth, since they are made from petroleum. Vegans object to using wool, and, although great for many heirloom projects, are just not as sustainable as some of the newer options. Industrially-produced cotton brings with it a slew of environmental problems, including water and soil pollution. TreeHugger has highlighted a few eco yarn options, such as repreve, yarn recycled from post industrial waste, green yarn from Alpaca and recycled saris, hip knitting options, yarn made from corn, and bamboo yarn.

Soysilk is another renewable yarn made from the residue of soybeans from tofu manufacturing, the process is 100 percent natural and free of petrochemicals, soy is a completely renewable and biodegradable resource. (check out the tofu bear made from soysilk). ::via The Arizona Republic ::soy silk