3 Eco-Friendly Weed Killers While We Wait for the Weed-Killing Lasers

Dandelion seed heads


Recently, Christine Lepisto blogged about the weed-killing lasers being developed by researchers in Germany, but while we wait for them: here are three ways you can kill weeds in your garden without reaching for toxic herbicides.

1. Boiling Water

I learned about the boiling water trick to kill weeds from the Portland garden blog Lelo in Nopo. It is simple, effect and safe provided you don’t accidentally pour it all over yourself.

2. Killing Weeds with Fire

Maybe it’s just all the food blogs I read but it seems like everyone has a propane torch in their kitchen. While this YouTube member uses a large torch and propane tank, a smaller one would work. You can also find several small torches sold for garden weeding.

3. Vinegar Weed Spray

This video actually has several tips for dealing with garden pests using household items, but the vinegar weed spray recipe and example is in the first 30 seconds of the video. As the blogger points out, using vinegar is highly effective because it works overnight while some herbicides may take up to a week.

Take all necessary safety precautions when using any of these weed killers in your garden. What eco-friendly methods of dealing with the weeds in your garden have you found works best?