You Can Take It With You: Mobile Tree Bench Just Straps On To Your Nearest Tree

TreeHugger has shown the work of Dutch designer Rogier Martens before; I love his use of industrial straps in his AANDEBOOM line. They have humor and style, and are so minimal. The latest is the Treebench, which floats above the ground:

It is no challenge to just dig a hole and a install a bench. An ideal bench need the environment and the environment needs the bench too. To achieve that goal a bench contributes to the park as a walk, sit, rest, kiss, lie, meet, watch, dog walk, day-dream, stretch, run, think, decide, smoke and lunch spot.

I would think that this wouldn't work very well, that if you were sitting at the end it would probably lean, that the strain on the straps would be too much. But the woman in the first photo is clearly not sitting in the middle and it is staying straight. The designer continues:

During my visits to the park I was inspired by the plants overgrowth and mushrooms. In the design I used the characteristics of mushroom. mushroom is suddenly there and when the weather and temperature conditions change, they disappear. Using the Tree Bench I want surprise the park visitors in the same way. The Tree Benches can easily be attached to the trees using a suspension system. The Tree Bench will not hinder the tree itself. The visitor will understand immediately that the tree bench is made to sit on.

See his other strap-on designs in the related column to the left. More at AANDEBOOM, found on Freshome

You Can Take It With You: Mobile Tree Bench Just Straps On To Your Nearest Tree
Rogier Martens designs a low-impact bench that "actively uses the environment"

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