You Can Sit 12 Different Ways On The Loop Transformer Chair

boaz mendel transformer furniture chair photo

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Imagine what Mel Brooks could do with this; instead of The Twelve Chairs, he just gets one transformer chair that can work twelve different ways. DesignBoom shows Boaz Mendel's Loop Chair can be reassembled as a bar stool, a chaise-longue, a dining chair, any one of 12 different combinations. This might fit right in to Graham Hill's LifeEdited project.

The designer describes it:

Every folding position has a defined function and it is possible in a moment to go from a television chair to a barstool; from a ladder to a chaise-longue; from a bookshelf to a coffee table - all with great ease and according to one's personal whims and needs.

boaz mendel transformer furniture chair photo pack

The connectors come in a case, which serves not only for the storage of the rods that are not in use, but also as the "instruction booklet" for the assembly of the different shapes. The 12 possible states for the product are printed on the case. All you have to do is imitate the shape and place the connectors in the right holes.

boaz mendel transformer furniture chair photo variations

There is a 13th variation that the designer could show: It could probably hang on the wall like Dror Bensetrit's cantilever chair. More on Designboom
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