Yael Mer: Keeps us Rockin' in the Free World


It's our first winter living in Jerusalem and we thought that the frosty days we've been having is because we are high in the mountains. Not so. Israel is passing through an unbelievably cold, cold-spell. Pipes are bursting in people's homes all over Jerusalem, and millions of shekels of crops have been lost in greenhouses in the desert.

It was good timing coming across Yael Mer's slipper rocking chair. While there is no mention on her site whether she uses sustainable wood resources, or anything enviro-friendly for that matter in its construction, we love how the chair offers a 2-in-1 solution that can keep your toes cozy and your energy flowing, as you rock back and forth.


Israeli homes for the most part are not insulated. And locals have a habit of airing out the house on a regular basis, even when it's cold. It can get really chilly over here, for this TreeHugger, who is used to the triple-pane windows and fuel-efficient furnaces from Canadaland. In the Holy Land, people tend to buy tiny and terribly inefficient electric heaters, and we confess we own one too.

This is where Mer's slipper rocker can give us TreeHuggers some great value, and fun. Save some energy, by slipping into the chair as you rock the day away.

For some other neat Israeli design finds, see Shay Alkaly's stickstains, and Groovy's 2-in-1 matkot game and chair.

::Yael Mer

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