Wooden Wall Picture Expands into Dining Table in Colombian Design

Frame expanded into table Photo© Unodot

Small, retractable, wooden, multi-purpose. Colombian Unodot studio's encuadra.Me piece has many of TreeHugger's favorite qualities.

Pretty self-explanatory, it's a wall picture which hides a retractable table with seating for two. Although I'm not particularly crazy about the palm tree motive, the idea is simple and clever, and the carpentry is executed beautifully in the piece.

Another view of the frame expanded into table Photo© Unodot

When we first covered the studio's work, one of their products was a close sibling to encuadra.Me, though in its wall-frame mode it didn't quite achieve the frame effect.

In this latest model, the idea is rounded and more effective.

Detail of the wooden frame Photo© Unodot

The Bogota-based studio is run by Tomas Castrillon, and is part of a growing design and architecture movement coming from Colombia and fueled by the urban renaissance of cities like Medellin. More at their website.

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