Winston Churchill's Flying Bed Might Make Sense Today

winston churchill bedScanzen/Screen capture

Back in the early days of Graham Hill's LifeEdited project, we discussed what one does in a New York apartment when it is a hundred degrees out and you don't want to air condition your whole apartment, I suggested bed-curtains, enclosing just the bed in a way that could be cooled with a tiny unit. Graham didn't like that, but he might love Winston Churchill's flying bed from 1947. Lauren at IO9 calls it "dieselpunk", but I call it the perfect bed for New York City; Imagine sleeping in a bedpod that is soundproofed and air conditioned, with filtered and pressurized air for a little hyperbaric boost. Given the steel construction, it could even be considered a sort of mini-safe room. This could make a lot of sense; after all, why heat or cool your whole house when all you really need is your pod?

Churchill's version was "complete with ash trays, telephone and an air circulation system good enough to prevent smoke from the ubiquitous cigar from fogging the atmosphere".

Found on Retronaut and IO9

Winston Churchill's Flying Bed Might Make Sense Today
Why heat and cool your whole house when you are asleep in just a small part of it?

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