William Stanger Monolith Table

monolith bench.jpg
Stranger Furniture is rather rustic, and we mean that in a good way. William Stranger (who named the company for himself and not a qualitative assessment of its weirdness, we presume), has been building with wood for nearly two decades. His philosophy emphasizes creating striking, functional objects that retain respect for the environment and sustainability, while his materials are salvaged from the "urban landscape" or harvested from well-managed forests. His work, like the Monolith bench seen here, is gorgeous. But a quick note from his bio really says it all: "William prefers trees to tables. He can not make trees but he finds himself driven to make tables." Love the tree, love the table. A special selection of Stranger's work is currently being showcased at the Gallery of Functional Art in Santa Monica, Calif., the gallery that represents him. His work is also available directly through his site. ::Stranger Furniture [by MO]