Whit McLeod's Wine Barrel Folding Chair

Awhile back we featured Whit McLeod’s Prairie Seat for $6,320 but we’ve since found something a little more reasonable and a chair that’s completely practical. Some people might put this in the "Cool But Ugly" category but the concept is pretty neat. The Wine Barrel Folding Chair is 100% white oak, salvaged from wine barrels discarded from California wineries. The 70-gallon wine barrels used to construct the chairs are discarded from large wineries by the thousands each year. Even in our environmentally aware society, 20% of those barrels are actually land-filled, not resold to another winery or even cut up into planters. So check this cool feature - each chair that Whit McLeod makes is numbered on the underside of the seat and branded with the name of the winery where the barrel was used. They are designed and constructed to last a lifetime and are finished with natural linseed oil so that they will retain their original color when used indoors or while they age gracefully outdoors. ($125 each) ::Wine Barrel Folding Chair