Undulating Wave Cabinet opens and closes fluidly (Video)

Sebastian Errazuriz
© Sebastian Errazuriz

Traditional ways of furniture making may be slowly giving way to state-of-the-art 3D printing of objects, but that doesn't mean designers aren't finding new innovations with old knowledge. Take New York City based designer Sebastian Errazuriz, who handcrafted this amazing Wave Cabinet, that seems to open and close quite organically in a fluid movement. See it in action:

Wave from Sebastian Errazuriz Studio on Vimeo.

Sebastian Errazuriz© Sebastian Errazuriz

Made out of lacquered baltic birch, steel and glass, the Wave Cabinet is almost like a functional sculpture that can open up with any number of configurations, thanks to its hundred or so linked slats. Despite its handmade origins, the way it is designed gives it a tinge of parametricism. Errazuriz explains:

I am inviting people to look at one of the simplest forms of furniture design and to forget that we’re talking about furniture, instead to see it as a way of breaking a box. I love the idea of creating beautiful furniture; nevertheless I am much more interested in using the medium as an excuse to trigger people's curiosity and create a connection with them

Sebastian Errazuriz© Sebastian Errazuriz
Sebastian Errazuriz© Sebastian Errazuriz
Sebastian Errazuriz© Sebastian Errazuriz

The Wave Cabinet is truly a curiosity; it first appears as a regular, angular piece of furniture, but can engage the user to transform it into a open maw to receive objects. Once closed, it hides its secrets.

Sebastian Errazuriz© Sebastian Errazuriz

On a practical level, a piece made in this way is much more material-efficient, as it would not require big pieces of wood to create -- one could perhaps create it with salvaged off-cuts, for instance. This is an amazing work of functional art that is apparently on sale over at Artsy; more over at Meet Sebastian.

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