Urban Tree Salvage: Saving Forests with City Trees


As our name suggests, TreeHugger likes trees, but we agree that there are times that some trees have to come down. When storm damage, insect infestation, disease and the like take their toll, we're glad for companies like Urban Tree Salvage. They design and build these trees into useful, functional, beautiful furniture, hardwood flooring and lumber rather than just sending them to be mulched or to the landfill. They appear to be a full-service business, offering to pick up your damaged/diseased trees with a one-of-a-kind "log extractor"; as an added bonus, homeowners are offered the option of having their tree(s) milled into hardwood lumber and kiln dried for any future building projects, custom furniture and solid hardwood flooring. Based in the greater Toronto area, where almost 9000 trees are removed annually, they've just launched a new contemporary furniture line built from trees that may have once lined a street or shaded a park bench not far from their mill. Reminiscent of Urban Hardwoods work, Urban Tree Salvage's new collection has a nice juxtaposition between rustic wood and clean design. ::Urban Tree Salvage