"Unfinished House" is a container for living

Unfinished house looking down
© naomi kurozumi architectural photographic office via Designboom

Designboom shows a house that begs the question, Why are Japanese houses so weird? It is a 700 square foot "container for living".

tokyo-based practice yamazaki kentaro design workshop has developed ‘house in kashiwa’, also known as the ‘unfinished house’. the dwelling is envisioned as a container that responds to the needs of its occupants, allowing them to impose on the design their own ways of living. located in masuo, the residence features flexible and adaptable accommodation without predefined programs.

While the idea of programatic flexibility is intriguing, a little privacy would be nice too. The Handrail Police will note that there appears to be only a pipe or wire, high enough that those kids could just run under it. More images in Designboom.

"Unfinished House" is a container for living
Desingboom shows a house in Japan without walls, defined spaces, or any of those things we think about in houses.

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