Un_Fold seat design Competition

As I keep trying to impress on design students: a tight brief is liberating not confining. It provide laserbeam focus and can bring out inspired work. What do you think you'd conceive of, given the job of designing a seat in 90 days, that had to travel inside a FedEx box? The Un_Fold Project did just that to 9 designers in 9 cities from New Delhi to New York, from Jo'Burg to Copenhagen. We could tell you what they came up with, but its more fun to watch a little vid of the boxes being unpacked and the seats assembled. Keep an eye out for the Janet Jackson moment! And why should be TH be interested? Well ... ... we like the thought process that goes into making furniture that can be easily assembled and disassembled (speeds up possible recycling). Compactness means less materials, thus less resource extraction and land degradation. Small weight and pack size reduces transportation costs in both $ and greenhouse gas emissions. (Of course, flimsy furniture could led to more throwaways, so would need to balance such issues.) Thanks to Nick D and Screenhead for the tipoff. [by WM]