Two Seats Turn Into One Sofa In Spanish Design Firm's Latest Cardboard Creation

. The 'Prejudice' seats with a footstool.

Space-saving, multi-functional, and made of 100-percent recycled materials -- Sanserif Creatius has gone for the eco-friendly-furniture trifecta with its latest design.

Based in Valencia, Spain, the firm is known for its eye-catching cardboard creations, including tables, chairs, and entire sets of furniture. The new "Prejudice" seat improves on the previous designs by being made completely from recycled materials.

Overcoming 'Prejudice' About Cardboard
The unusual name signals a renewed effort to overcome the "stigmas associated with paper and cardboard," according to Sanserif Creatius director Ana Yago. Critics of the material's use in furniture have questioned its sturdiness and cleanliness.

. The 'Prejudice' seats with side tables partially extended.

"Above all [the Prejudice] tries to address the concerns of society about the qualities of cardboard as a material of the future for the home," the firm said in announcing the new design.

Multifunctional And Socially Responsible
Prejudice is intended to be sold as a set of two seats that can be used separately as chairs or pushed together to form a sofa. Each seat stores an extra piece underneath that can be pulled out part-way to serve as a side table or all the way to be used as a footrest.

The seat is also part of an ongoing collaboration between Sanserif, the Association of Corrugated Board Manufacturers, and the Apai Foundation to provide job training and employment in cardboard-furniture manufacturing for members of disadvantaged groups.

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