Turniture: The Chool Turns from a Stool To A Chair

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TreeHugger founder Graham Hill is trying to radically reduce his footprint and live happily with less space, less stuff and less waste on less money, but with more design. He calls it "LifeEdited." You can help: Enter the design competition and win up to $70,000 in prizes and possibly design the apartment!

The Chool might fit in a LifeEdited; James Lucas of Slam designed it so that it sits like a stool, not taking up much room, until you sit on it. This action causes the mechanism inside to raise the seatback, turning it into a chair.

Chool by Slam from James Lucas on Vimeo.

The designer explains:

At rest Chool is compact and unassuming. When sat upon the seat pod slowly descends a few inches to a standard seat height. This action seamlessly operates some clever bits tucked away inside that smoothly, deploy a backrest and Chool transforms from its stool-like form into a chair.

When no longer in use, Chool automatically returns to its original compact form unless you choose to tap Chools magic button which is located between your legs and this will lock it in your chosen position. Tap it again and Chool regains its freedom for movement.

chool turniture transformer storage image

The main benefit appears to be that it takes up a lot less space than a conventional chair. "When in stool mode, Chool can be easily tucked away under any table or work surface creating clean and clear surfaces and an uninterrupted work space." More at Slam, found on Contemporist

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