Turn Plastic Bags into Chairs


Don't tell your mother that these exciting new chairs have been created from plastic garbage that has not been recycled. Cohda Design worked for two years to develop a process to reform and re-heat domestic plastic packaging waste and turn it into chairs and tables. They look at our ever-growing piles of excess food wrappings and plastic bags and see a design possibility rather than an ecological nightmare. The chairs appear to be cast iron but are rigid plastic. They would be great in the living room or the garden. Because of the intrinsic flexibility of the material, they are actually quite comfortable to sit on and very light. No colours or additional pigments are added to the 100% recycled materials. The colour of the furniture depends on the packaging sources--the green chairs are made from plastic waste sourced in England, the grey from Europe. A solid black tubular chair is made from damaged, shredded milk crates. The rubbish is gathered from recycling agents and each piece of the furniture is individually made in home-grown modified industrial machinery--created by the designer. :: Cohda Design