Transforming the Way You Sit: Ulo Chair by Ian Walton

Just yesterday, we gushed about this funky folding chair/table combo that twisted and turned to a fraction of its size in just a shake of a lamb's tail, but that was just the warm-up for what we've got today. The Ulo chair, designed by Ian Walton, a recent design grad from the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, is a brilliant transforming chair that you really have to see to believe. Employing internally lockable "flex joints", the chair goes from task chair to lounge chair in one smooth, rubbery (almost melted-looking) motion, with spring-loaded locks used to keep the chair stable in either position. The truly adaptable piece was inspired by "prefabricated compact homes such as Alchemy Architects 'WeeHouse', Andy Thompsons 'MiniHome' and Michelle Kaufmanns 'Glidehouse.'" Watch the video with both eyes, and hit the jump for more pics and explanation about how the chair works. ::Embryo via ::Core77


The two configurations of "Ulo," side by side.

Sit up or lounge, in the same chair

A single step is all it takes to unlock the chair -- just don't let anyone sneak up behind while you're sitting on it...

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