Transformers: The Genya Chair Folds Up Into Elegant Sloping Slab

sedia folding chair iidex photo lloyd open

Seen at IIDEX: The Genya Chair is designed for auditoria, but I think would fit well into small apartments. This elegant sloping slab opens up to a very comfortable chair.

A cushioned gas device automatically retracts the arms and seat and folds them into a sleek, rectangular compartment that also functions as the structural framework.

sedia transformer furniture photo open

Sorry about the ugly model, but it closes automatically if you are not sitting on it. Very elegantly done by designer Dante Bonucelli, and very comfortable. Imagine how much easier it will be to get to your seat in the theater, if you can get the person in your way to actually stand up. Certainly nothing green about its finishes, but hey, it's Italian design; how it looks is what counts.

More information at Sedia Systems

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