Transformer trestle table from Makers With Agendas

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Last week TreeHugger traipsed over Julien De Smedt's wonderful new Kalvebod Waves in Copenhagen; now the talented young architect is trying his hand at furniture as part of Makers with Agendas, "a new design capacity engaged in thinking, producing and distributing design."

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Julien De Smedt explains why he is getting into furniture:

There’s a fundamental difference between the way we work as architects, essentially as consultants to clients who call us for projects, and working as a ‘maker’ as we call it, where we initiate everything we deem interesting and then make it. We get closer to our own desires, closer to our products and are also more accountable for everything we get out.

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One of the six products launched with MWA is the Accordion Table, where de Smedt has developed an ingenious folding trestle. " With the first six products we are laying out some of the generic agendas that will return in the future: compact design, flatpacking, raw materials, flexible use, gender neutral. "

Accordion trestle© MWA

Accordion is a foldable trestle that collapses into a single stick, making it extremely compact. The motivation here is very rational. So rational that the result is unexpected and almost looks irrational: an M shape trestle hardly imaginable if it wasn’t for its collapsing function.

stick© MWA

It really is little more than a stick when it is all folded up. Launching in the US in November at the New Museum Store, 235 Bowery on Manhattan, New York City.

diagram© MWA

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Transformer trestle table from Makers With Agendas
Architect Julien De Smedt develops a folding trestle that is a minimalist gem.

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