Transformer Table Squares the Circle, and Vice Versa

FAN Table from Mauricio Affonso on Vimeo.

Mauricio Affonso circles the square with the Fan Table, made from 400 slats of wood.

The table can be quickly transformed into an array of different shapes and sizes to suit its context or use. The surface can freely expand, contract and revolve in an effortless fan like movement of the hand.

The designer is quoted in Inhabitat:

“Furniture can be quite limited sometimes,” said Affonso in a release, “I wanted to move away from the table as an static object and create a self-transforming table that can spontaneously adapt itself to play a new role in the fabric of a situation.”

A clever idea, but the slats don't look too strong, don't sit on it. More at Paradise, the Royal College of Art's exhibition in Milan, and at Mauricio Affonso

Transformer Table Squares the Circle, and Vice Versa
Fan Table is made from 400 wooden slats. Just don't sit on it.

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