Transformer Sofa Is Made From 8,000 Chopsticks

transformer sofa chopsticks photo

Images credit yuya vs design

Designer yuya ushida built this transformer sofa, that extends from chair width to full three person sofa, out of eight thousand chopsticks, cut into four lengths and fastened with rings and joints. It took him three months.

SOFA_XXXX created by yuya ushida from yuya ushida on Vimeo.

he writes:

Whenever I see it the beauty of the simple geometrical structure and its repetition always fascinates me.

SOFA_XXXX is made of just 4 different lengths of sticks, rings and joints. the parts on their own don't seem to be special, but when put together in a regular pattern their beauty appears.

transformer sofa chopsticks photo

The designer documents it wonderfully on his website, showing both the sofa and the thought process and manufacturing process behind it.

transformer sofa chopsticks photo

Found on Designboom.
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