Transformer Furniture: Suited Case by Erik De Nijs

suitedcase becomes sofa transformer furniture photo

via DeZeen

We love transformer furniture, stuff that takes up less space by serving multiple functions. And what do you do with empty suitcases? Dutch designer Erik De Nijs of Nieuwe Heren solves the problem with Suited Case, a collection of suitcases that can be combined into a sofa when not being used to travel.

suitedcase becomes sofa transformer furniture on road photo

Jasmin at Dezeen
presents information from the designer:
The 'suited case' is a project which is inspired on the idea of people waiting during their trip. People often go and rest sitting on their suitcases, that is the starting point of this design.

I created a living room couch which is built from a suitcase set. The set is meant for 2 people, consists of 2 pieces of hand luggage and 2 pieces of large luggage. These parts of the set can be put together as a couch at all times when there is waiting involved. So you take your own comfortable living room couch with you on your trip.

suitedcase becomes sofa transformer furniture in use photo

More at Dezeen. Seen at Dutch Design Week

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