Cromatic: A vibrant transformer furniture set for kids

Muebles Arasanz
© Muebles Arasanz

Living in tight quarters means that furniture often has to either serve more than one purpose or be hidden away when not in use -- hence the appeal of so-called transformer furniture. While we showcase transformer furniture designs for adults most of the time, there's space-saving solutions for kids too, like this vibrant line of youngster-oriented, space-efficient furniture from Arasanz, a company hailing from Barcelona, Spain.

Building on the classic bunk bed, Arasanz's Cromatic collection offers one configuration where a bed is lofted on top of another bed. In addition to some on-ground storage drawers, there's also a desk that conveniently rolls out and in. As the video shows, it all comes on wheels, allowing kids to reconfigure their space smoothly and easily.

LITERA CORREDERA CROMATIC from Muebles Arasanz on Vimeo.

Not only does the desk roll out, but the top bunk bed and the bottom bed too, allowing for a greater range of possible customization.

Muebles Arasanz© Muebles Arasanz
Muebles Arasanz© Muebles Arasanz
Muebles ArasanzMuebles Arasanz/Screen capture

In a neat trick we've seen in previous examples, the storage cabinets to the side of the bed and desk double as a staircase leading up to the top bunk -- and access to the top is created when the top bed is pulled out.

Muebles ArasanzMuebles Arasanz/Screen capture

Though the design does seem to have some snags (kids will have to learn to share one desk), its stacked arrangement does free up a ton of space. Using bold colours and clean lines, the Cromatic collection comes in a variety of configurations; check out the Arasanz website for their catalog.

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