Transformer Furniture: foureight table by Alex Suvajac


TreeHugger loves multi-functional designs, and furniture that transforms is no exception. Aside from saving space and making more efficient use of space, it's just cool to watch your transformer furniture actually do something. It's a concept we've hugged before, but we're always happy to add more to the flock. The newest entry is the "foureight table", designed by Alex Suvajac (whom we've featured before), who designed the hinging bamboo coffee/end table to work with and expand the notion of adaptable, eco-friendly furniture for small urban dwellings. About the design, Alex says, "Our goal in creating this piece was to make a solution for a small urban space that allows for a flexibility of uses. We are aware that now and in the future people who live in the urban centers of the world will have small quarters. We want to contribute to this new furnishing demand by designing environmentally responsible furniture that is both beautiful and purposeful." Hit the jump to see how the table transforms, and learn more about the design, including how it is created from start to finish, at the designer's website. ::Alex Suvajac


The foureight table in action

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