Transformer Furniture: Be ready for anything with the Couchbunker

Couchbunker open
© Couchbunker

TreeHugger loves multifunction furniture, and we are seriously into preppers resilience, being prepared for anything. That's why the Couchbunker is the perfect item for any TreeHugger home; inside this elegant three-seater sofa is a safe that will protect all your valuables, including up to 30 rifles.

Weighing in at 900 pounds, it will also anchor your house to its foundation in case of flooding. In case of fire, it has a two hour rating.

Wait, there's more! The cushions are bulletproof, " serving as portable, personal shields, will stop a 44 Magnum at point blank range." It's big enough to work as a guest bed, and is a bargain at $ 6,260. More at Couchbunker

bedbunker© Bedbunker

And if you want to sleep on it, there is also the Bedbunker.

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