Transformer design from Nester Furniture goes from sofa table to serving dinner for ten

Nester Table
CC BY 2.0 Kelly Rossiter

Found at Toronto's Interior Design Show 2014

TreeHugger is full of transformer furniture, with many designs for small spaces. It's such a big deal here that our founder Graham Hill left to live a LifeEdited in an apartment full of the stuff. Graham might love the new designs from Nester furniture. They could have ripped these words off the pages of TreeHugger:

Good design is key. Your furniture is an essential part of setting the mood, regardless of the size of your home. Smart functional pieces definitely benefit small spaces, but can also increase the functionality of larger spaces.

The Kameleon table spends most of its time as a narrow sofa table or against the wall. But when called into action, it folds out quickly and easily into a table that can seat ten people.

Repeat Chair© Nester Furniture

The Repeat Chair is pretty interesting too. Unlike traditional stacking chairs, where you are not going to sit on a pile of four chairs, these are made of steel, so that you can. The bottom most chair is 3/4 of an inch lower than the biggest chair, and narrower too, but they are close enough that you don't feel like Goldilocks and the three bears. They are not too expensive, either, at C$ 899 for the four of them, which is rapidly approaching pocket change as the Canadian dollar falls. The table is only C$ 1385.

nester chairsKelly Rossiter/CC BY 2.0

If there is one quibble, it is that powder coated steel is not your usual residential finish material and it feels a bit industrial. However it is only by using a thin material like steel that it all fits together like this, in such a small, affordable package. Big stuff for small spaces at Nester Furniture.

Transformer design from Nester Furniture goes from sofa table to serving dinner for ten
They have a transformer chair that turns into seating for four as well.

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