Transformer Cupboard from Uruguay Brilliantly Hides Table and Seating for Two

While Brazil and Argentina used to be the leaders in the Latin American design scene, other countries from the region like Chile and Uruguay have been catching up, the latter in part thanks to government support and the work of a chamber established in 2008 to promote the work of local creators.

Also from the latter comes designer Claudio Sibille, sure to become a favorite of small-spaces-obsessed people with his brilliant transformer furniture.

The first we want to highlight is Ludovico, a cupboard that hides a table and seating for two in a simple, contemporary design made with eucalyptus wood and aluminum handles. Watch it unfold below.

The designer also made a second, smaller version of the piece which turns a three-drawer cupboard into a desk and chair.

Well thought, simple, noble materials, space-efficient. What more can you ask? More at his website.

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