Transformer Coffee Table Turns Into Modernist Dollhouse

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As families move back downtown into apartments instead of houses, space becomes a problem. That's why we always talk about transformer furniture that can serve multiple functions. Designer Amy Whitworth has come up with a transformer that acts as both a coffee table and a sophisticated modernist dollhouse. She tells Gizmag:

Making the walls slide into the table, means that kids can make the table/dolls house into their own style, either as a dolls house [sic] to make rooms, or as an interesting coffee table using the walls to create compartments. The fact it is always out and in the center of the room means that it is always played with.

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We have shown modernist dollhouses before, and readers have complained about the costs. But that's because they served a single function and will eventually be outgrown. The Qubis Haus is £400 (USD $630), which is not outrageous for a limited-run designer coffee table. The fact that it also acts as a gorgeous dollhouse is almost a bonus.

The piece is a really clever and flexible design that could be emulated at full scale, having "sliding panels made from wood and perspex, [the equivalent of Plexiglas in North America] enabling the ‘designer’ to create different room layouts." This is one transformer coffee table that could be built full-scale.

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Whitworth also offers a line of contemporary furniture made from sustainably harvested oak that snaps together with magnets. What's not to love? More atQubis Design.

Transformer Coffee Table Turns Into Modernist Dollhouse
In the evening, it is a sophisticated modern coffee table. By day, it is another world.

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