Transformer Coffee Table That "Grows With Your Coffee Needs"

This is clever. Designer and architect Reinier de Jong's REK table has inner pieces that slip and slide to expand as needed.

REK is a coffee table that grows with your coffee needs. When you have visitors, just get some chairs and extend the table any way you like. Enough space for all those coffee cups and store your book or knitting set in the spaces underneath the tops.

You can extend REK in various ways. Built-in stops make sure you will not pull out the sliding parts too far. Of course you can also put REK in a permanent position that fits best to your interior.

Folded up, it is a simple box, 2' by 2'-8", but at maximum expansion it is over double that. The designer says that it is "made by skillful craftsmen who have heart for what they do" and it is priced at 1500 euros ( US$ 1,976). More at the designer's website.

Transformer Coffee Table That "Grows With Your Coffee Needs"
Dutch designer Reinier de Jong creates a table with sliding extensions to adapt to every need.

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