Transformer coffee table flips up into dining table

mk1 screen
Screen capture Duffy London via MocoLoco

Transformer furniture takes up less space and serves multiple functions. MocoLoco shows the MK1 transforming coffee table from Duffy London; it's a terrific idea if you only need a dining table occasionally.

It works as a coffee table in the down position,

And easily lifts up to become a 30" x 54" dining room table.

I was worried that it might be hard for one person to open the table, or that it might be strong enough, given that it is depending on the hinges and the thickness of the wood for its stability when open, but in fact the video shows a) one person opening it and b) a big guy sitting on it. Starts at £795.00 (US$ 1304) at Duffy London

Transformer coffee table flips up into dining table
Here is another way to live with less in your tiny apartment: hide the dining table when you don't need it.

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