Torched Wood Finish by 1Earth1Design

Furniture finishes that don’t release fumes are great, but creative green finishes are even better. 1Earth 1 Design offers a torched wood finish, which entirely eliminates the need for chemicals. Rather than striving for a smooth, glossy coating, the torched finish accentuates the......natural texture of the wood by raising and carbonizing the densest parts of the grain. Clear, nontoxic wax can then be applied as a topcoat, or the piece can be left as it is. Who wants to sand and polish the life out of wood furniture? But like some other green wood furniture , the price is hefty. We hope this finish catches on with more manufacturers and designers so it doesn’t cost several grand to keep wood looking like the natural material it is. Dining Table: $1600-$8900 ::1Earth1Design [by Kevin Kosbab]