The "World's Thinnest, Most Compact Folding Chair": ISIS by Jake Phillips


TreeHugger loves folding furniture, for its ability to reduce in volume, get out of the way and save some space, and have seen a few pretty neat examples: Dror Benshetrit's chair that "folds" into a two-dimensional wall-hanging and Whit McLeod's Wine Barrel Folding Chair are just a few. Now, from UK-based designer Jake Phillips, comes the sleek ISIS chair, "the world's thinnest, most compact folding chair" that folds completely flat to a diminutive 3 cm, or just about an inch. The chair is made from a series of flat geometric panels that are all contained within its frame, folding into a handy, stackable box. According to the designers' site, "Each panel is constructed from several high-strength laminations, which are designed to ensure that the chair flexes and supports the user, providing an unexpected level of comfort." While we aren't sure that Phillips has seen the 2F Folding Chair (which folds to less than an inch), the design is still pretty noteworthy. We'd love to see some sustainable plywood and low-VOC lacquers on the chair, but anything with this level of utility still deserves a 'hugg. ::Jake Phillips via ::Yanko Design

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